Zwift not taking me to the "event" i'm registered for

Weird Zwift happenings.
I signed up for a race the other day (I’ve done this in the past with no issues). When I was riding, using zwift, it never sent me over to the race. I assumed it was my fault so the next day I setup 2 different activities (a race and a ride) for different times of the day (one was at 7am the other at 8am). The same experience happened, neither of the events were notified to me while I was riding. When the time was within a minute or two I went to the companion app and it showed that I was signed up for the event but I couldn’t get to it. Any recommendations?
My setup: I signed up for the events using my computer (logged in to zwift)
I ride using zwift on my phone.
Again — I’ve done about 50events in the past year and this is the first time I’m experiencing this.

It continues to happen every event I register for. this is getting very frustrating.
I talked to one of the Ambassadors with little suggestions, I have written an eMail to customer support (no response). I would like this escalated to a customer support person.

using the companion app, leave the event and re-join it, then it should pop up in game.


I had a curious quirk before my 1215 race earlier, I clicked to join the pen on Richmond Cobbled Climbs from New York Grand Central with ~80secs to go and it placed me riding on the course. I nearly quit to try and re-launch of the Android Zwift app on my mobile, but decided I wouldn’t have time to get to the pen, fortunately I was teleported to the pen ~2 seconds after everyone had left!

YUP - I’ve tried that about 15times on different day’s and events. I also tried to re-start the app (both zwift and companion) I’ve also re-started my phone. and NOTHING.

OH - and I’ve also tried all these attempts with a minute before the event starts and 5minutes before and 10minutes before…

do you use the same device for the game and the companion app?

I only use a PHONE. I typically NEVER use the companion app. the only time I’ve used the companion app is to try and fix this problem (un-register for an event, re-register for an event).

Wild guess here did you check that your time and time zone is set correctly on you Zwift device?

Never thought about that — here’s how it originally went down: On Monday I used Zwift the way I normally do and all worked fine, then on Tuesday I went to use Zwift like I normally do and … well, here we are.

This all started happening in December of 2021 and it’s continuing to happen.

OH - but to go back to your question - How Do I change the time zone in Zwift device (you mean my phone right?)

yes your phone. but I assume that is correct, you would probably notice if the time is wrong. All phones are different so just google phone x time zone change

I guess make sure you are on the latest game release, is your phone auto-updating Zwift or do you have to manually update it?

Yup I checked that also. There are NO new updates for the phone (so say’s my phone). ALSO this started happening back in December and I’d think if there was an update, my phone would have updated in the past 2 months (but who knows). OH and yes, my phone is auto=updating.

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Hi @Jam_Jamboree

I noticed you wrote in to our support team, and we sent a reply earlier today. I’ll also have a look at this, and we’ll keep working with you via email. Thanks!