Joining Event not placing at start

The last couple events I joined failed to place me with group at start of race. Joining event (on iPhone app) about 30 minutes before start. Usually warmup on course for 15 minutes. Previously, a few minutes before race start, it would teleport me to starting line. Now, I’m join lost on the course and nowhere near the start. Am I missing something?

As long as you’re following the correct process for joining an event, you should be teleported to the start. There’s no known issues that would prevent you from getting teleported.

If that’s what you’re doing, submit a separate ticket for this, and we’ll take a look at your logs.

I have been having the problem where I never get teleported to the start of an event. Sometimes I have close out of zwift several time and rejoin the event before it will teleport me to the start.

Hi, since a couple of days I have the same problem. Not teleported to start of the event I Joined.