riders missing in kiss race

last night i rode in a kiss race. warming up there was only about 6/7 riders. i assumed they would appear once race started but they didn,. the few riders and myself were all asking where everybody else was. 

After i took the lead i rode in my own for 40 mins with not a another single rider on the course single. didnt see anyone.

didnt loose internet connection …what happened?

never had that happen before

Same thing happened to a few of us in CVR race yesterday. Twice this morning when I joined a race or event there were only a few riders at the start line when there should have been lots!


Looks like its because there was an update, if you dont update then it prevents you from seeing the other riders.

problem is i have no idea how to update zwift on apple tv

Possibly a key internet connection/server problem somewhere outside your local zone.

If differing servers stop ‘talking’ to each other, local (to the server) riders will ride OK but they will not be joined by riders accessing other servers.

To you, you’re riding alone but your data is still processed. If/when connection is reestablished riders will be back and participating as though the connection was not lost…

Servers worldwide are being ‘patched’ at the moment, it is possible the work is slowing some server connections.

zwift have just replied .It was due to the update. If using apple tv you have to go into app settings and set apps to auto update.

I have had this happen to me a couple of times while riding in races. Its quite frustrating not knowing where others are placed on the course especially while racing. I guess related when signing up for a race there are say 20 people, once the race starts there are only 10. This is strange but good to know others are experiencing this as well. I thought it was a connection issue but I have had good connection and tested it while riding.