Didn't get sent to the start pen of Kiss Race, did a zero countdown, but wrong place, then went wrong course

Hi Folks, today for the Kiss Americas PM race 2 laps of London Loop, I was on a PC, riding along warming up for the race.  I mostly wait to 1m to go to hit, go to event.   When I did nothing happened, but then at the start time it sent me near the bridge where you go to Train tunnel before Box Bill, on my own,   It then sent me up Fox Hill not Box Hill, I withdrew from the event after a few minutes as I obviously wasn’t in it.   What happened?

Sorry, Vince. It’s real rare, but sometimes when Zwift tries to download all the necessary files for an event, the download will fail and you’ll notice oddies like HUD elements missing, the leaderboards not working correctly, or dropping into events in the wrong place.

We are looking into some kind of way to make the downloads for events a bit more reliable, but until we have some kind of patch prepared, we’ve been advising members join events a few minutes early and if anything looks off, drop out and rejoin.

Generally, it’s more a concern on Apple devices than Windows PCs, but would you mind double-checking that you’re running the most recent release of Zwift? Uninstalling and reinstalling won’t delete any of your activities.

I’d also recommend giving your Modem and WiFi Router a reboot, but there is a bit of specific process to it. I’ll add directions below:

* Unplug the power cable from your Modem.
* Unplug the power cable from your WiFi Router.
* Leave both devices unplugged for about 2 minutes to clear persistent settings.
* Plug the power cable back into your Modem.
* Wait 3 to 5 minutes for your Modem to completely boot.
* Verify your Online or Internet LED indicator shows that your Modem is online.
* Plug the power cable back into your WiFi Router.
* Wait about 2 to 3 minutes for your WiFi Router to completely boot and begin broadcasting WiFi.

Please let us know if you continue experiencing the issue after the uninstall/reinstall and reboot. If you attempt dropping out of an event only to notice it loads the exact same way on subsequent retries, please reach out to us by submitting an email to support@zwift.com