Knocked off course in event

I joined the Thursday KISS americas PM race, and on the first turn the arrow indicator came up but my avatar blew right through the corner and kept going straight.  This happened to a few of the people in the race

Hi Steven,

First of all, sorry that this happened to you.  We are currently working on a hot fix to address this issue.  You could greatly help us by allowing me trouble you for a few questions/requests?

  1. Would you send us your log to  

  2. During that turn while the blinker is on, do you remember being a near the center of the road? Or off to the shoulder of the road?

These information will be quite useful. Once again, I apologize that this happened to you and we are working around the clock now trying to fix this.  

Thank you,


I just sent you all the info requested.


Thank you Steven!

Lukes fix should now be live (version 15655).  Give it a try and hopefully the groups stay together a little better on that specific intersection in London now.