Did route achievements reset at some point?

I rode in a group ride yesterday on the Innsbrucking course. I’ve ridden the course many times in the past and know I’ve had the route achievement. After the first lap yesterday I got the route achievement notification. Afterwards, I looked at my account and there are several missing. I have completed the Road to the Sky route several times and it is not showing up in my account.

Did route achievements reset at some point?

Hi @intraosseous welcome to Zwift forums

I don’t think anything’s changed on the Zwift end that would reset your achievements. Before we dig into it - have you noticed any other unusual profile changes: what level you’re at / FTP number / anything else that might give us a hint as to where to start digging?

You haven’t used a second account at any point, have you?

If you did them before October when the route badges started I don’t think you get the badge until you do it again. That might explain some of the routes you know you have done but obviously not the ones you remember getting badges for.

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