Did not get the training plan credit


I am doing the TT Tune Up training plan currently. Yesterday I did „Tempo 20min / Target RPM #2“.

During that I ride I got the message to join Zwift although I have a subscription for a long time already. Since this was all very disturbing I chose not now. The result was that all other zwifters were not visible and I got the German message „Testversion abgelaufen“, „test version expired“ in English I guess. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I finished the workout successfully and could upload it to Zwift. I can see it in the Companion app under activities.
Regretable I cannot see it done properly in the plan overview. It is as if I did it outside. No stars, no distance, no duration, no kcals.

I would appreciate it very much if one of the Zwift team could put in my values to this ride of the plan. If you need any other information please let me know.

If requested I can provide yesterday’s ride reports showing I did the workout of this training plan. And a screenshot from today showing the ride is missing, done outside.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Hi Carsten, If the Training Plan didn’t register the workout as complete and record your star level at the end of the ride then there isn’t a way to restore those missing stars but you can click the “I Did It” button on the Training Plan to mark the workout as complete so it counts towards your completion of the plan

Hello Lucas,

thanks for your answer. I would fully understand that there isn’t a way to restore those missing stars if I would not have uploaded the data to Zwift n

Maybe I did not make my self clear enough, when I wrote I finished the workout successfully and could upload it to Zwift. So please look at the screenshots.

These are the reports shown before I uploaded the ride to Zwift.

As you can see everything is there. But when I look at the training plan overview today I cannot see it done properly.

But the datas must be there somewhere at Zwift. The Companion app is showing this workout. Other screenshots from yesterday.

So since the datas are there could someone look into my account and could solve that issue for me? :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards


Your question/problem seems similar to one I commented on a couple of months back. On this other thread ‘Trial expired’ allowed saving of ride etc but didn’t allow the awarding of a Badge to be updated/recorded on the Badges completed list. Might be something to discuss with Zwift staff if you wish to pursue.

Of course you might just find I quicker to do as suggested by Lucas