Device guard/check for multiple session logged in at the same time

Dear Zwift,

As I have been communicating with Zwift support who has been pretty helpful in trying to resolve my issues with training plan progress sync issues, I have been told that 1 of the cause could be having multiple device/session logged in to the account at the same time.

I personally have a iPhone, Apple TV, and an iPad that I frequently use to login to check the workout on Zwift even while I am away from my indoor trainer. For example my use case could be while I am outside I might check out what workout I want to do for the night for a training plan, or how much time I need to prepare for the workout for the night etc.

Doing this mostly on my iPad or iPhone, usually I would just leave the app and it might stay running in the background.

I have recently done the 12 week Build me up training plan and have been doing this a lot more frequently. For a few of my workout even though the activity was uploaded to Zwift and also Strava correctly, the actual workout done doesn’t get updated to the actual training plan progress.

I have been told that this could potentially be caused by having multiple sessions logged in at the same time but right now there is no guard on the App itself to detect if you already have logged in on a device.

To prevent data syncing issues they have recommend me to post a feature request here and they might consider implementing a guard to check to ensure that only a single session is active at the same time.

Would be good if I could get some vote for this.

I don’t think this will be very straight forward to understand but it will definitely help improving reliability issues with the game.


A few people have had different issues relating to multiple logins (and leaving one logged in in the background) so yep, got my vote.