Default club ride assignment

In addition, I hope the spammed club-members will start complaining as well. So this will be solved

To be clear, I’m not trying to dismiss the problem, or say it isn’t irritating, or give you a ‘shrug’ answer or anything.

Often when I finish a ride, I’ll still spin easy for a bit, or get off the bike and turn the fan off, take off my shoes, etc, all before saving the ride. Maybe your setup/schedule doesn’t allow for that. But on the surface, there’s no reason in many instances why you need to save the event right in that moment when you’re sweaty and tired. That Save screen will stay up while you do other stuff.

Fiddling and irritating and waiting to dry up for 5+ minutes for not showing a ride in a club is the same as not using teleport because it looks funny on Strava…….

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing anymore. I’m not saying you should have to do those things. I agree the issue should be fixed.

I’m just saying that, while it’s not fixed, you would seem to have the choice between doing those things, or irritating the members of that club. If it really is irritating those people, do you think they’ll be placated by you saying “Hey, it’s Zwift’s problem, I can’t be bothered to dry my hands off first”? :smiley:

It is a problem that you have to make that choice. But you still can do something about it while it’s a problem. Anyway, I don’t want to say more. You’re venting, which is cool, because it’s something that irritates you, so I legit have no problem with that :smiley:

Please think about this, this is the base of lean six sigma.

If there is a problem, and when there is found a work-around (how bad it even is) —> as a result, there is no problem to solve.

My case is just about a simple sharing button, but what if a person in a factory is waisting 1 hour/day by redrilling holes in a flence for years because the order was wrong (true story, hole had to be m10, part was m8)

So please, you, me, irritated club members, Strava members, start to complain. It is the start for the solution

Oh and (now just trolling, or am I?) from today on, I really want to share all my rides with that specific club.

Problem solved :hugs::rofl:

That’s fine. I have known plenty of people who have willingly made their own lives more frustrating in order to try to get someone to do something for them. If it pays off and Zwift fixes the issue because of your activities, it worked. If they don’t change it, well…you can keep choosing to make your own life more frustrating. Entirely up to you, man :slight_smile:

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