Be able to choose primary club in companion

It could be helpful to be able to choose primary club in zwift game. I have membership of 9 clubs but want one to be my primary.

It only uploads your activity to one club and defaults to the last one selected if that helps.

There’s no way of prioritising any.

It doesn’t default to the last club selected, at least on Apple TV. It always defaults to the first club in the list.

Hmm, it does on my Windows setup. There was a thread about this last year.

Yeah the defaulting thing is a mixed bag. Some people report that it defaults to the first in their list, others to the last one selected, some report that it will not default to ‘no club’ even if that was the last thing they selected.

It was supposed to be whatever you selected last–that was the feature that people asked for. And fwiw it does that for me. I haven’t tried ‘no club’ to see if that will stick as last selected (I keep forgetting to try), but it does default to my last club selected. But not for everyone.