Saving ride to a team

When I end my ride I can save it to a my team but I always need to scroll down and select it. Is there a way to make my team the default rather than the “no team”?

No, but its been asked for frequently

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We used to be able to set a default club but, for some reason, Zwift have removed it.

In line with everything else - joining an event, event management, or even just starting a ride - I suspect that Zwift’s aim is to make us go through ten times more steps than is necessary


Would be good at least to remember last selected club, if not possible to set a default one…


Doesn’t seem like a big ask eh! I’m fairly sure if you firstly pick your Club then select/unselect pics and play with overly long event description (or some combination of this), your initial Club selection goes back to default of no club - well at least I seem to have to re-sect my club more often than I should.