Default club ride assignment

Hmm. I don’t know that that’s what I’ve experienced. I thought it was defaulting to my last choice. I haven’t changed that choice in a while, I’ll try that next time and see what happens.

Maybe your last choice is also the first in your list of clubs :wink: Fwiw its happening to me on AppleTV.

:smiley: No, I’m only in two clubs, and I was pretty sure that it had been defaulting to my last choice. I’ve been saving everything to one of the clubs for the last week or two, so I don’t have a recent memory to draw from, but I thought that’s what was happening. I could be wrong–that’s happened at least once before :stuck_out_tongue:

(On PC, fyi)

I was part of one club. I didn’t have much to do with that club. I grew tired of it always defaulting to that club, when I didn’t want to post to that club, I wanted “No Club”, so I left the club.
Problem solved. :slight_smile:


This needs to be fixed. Defaulting to the last selected club is the way it should be. Right now I can’t make it default to “No Club.” The vast majority of the clubs I belong to don’t care about the vast majority of my rides. Until it’s fixed I guess they’ll have to be annoyed with all my rides being uploaded to the club page.
Obviously not a showstopper. But it needs to be fixed.

Did a code patch get applied to this issue recently?

In order to keep my rides from going to the wrong club, I set it to the club I race for, even if the event wasn’t a race. This demonstrated that, if you selected a club, it remembered the club vs defaulting to the first club in the list.

Recently, I noticed that my selected club was showing up first in the list in CA. :thinking: I don’t know why it shuffled the order but whatever.

However, that got me curious. So, I set a warmup ride to No Club and saved. Then, after the workout ride, I crossed my fingers and hoped to see No Club. Instead, I saw the last club I selected during a save versus the first club I ever joined - like the issue started out as.

So, either something attempted to be fixed in the last update or the problem isn’t that simple.

Well, no. That other club doesn’t have to be annoyed by seeing your rides, because it’s still possible to upload them to the right club. This bug is an issue because we don’t always remember to do that. But all of us can remember.

I posted so support would know that I want this feature changed and corrected. They asked me to do this.
But thanks so much for telling me what I already know. Admittedly, sometimes I forget. Admittedly, sometimes I don’t want to be bothered. With your encouragement I’m striving every day to be a better person.

Can you pls provide instructions on how? I can’t see the option to do it. Thx

As long as the dropdown is still there, you should be able to select a particular club or ‘No Club’ from the list. You have to make sure you do it before you click Save–after that it’s a done deal. But if we remember to make that change, we can make any selection we want.

For a year, I didn’t have to make a selection everytime I saved. Many people like that feature. Now, because my preferred option is no club, I can’t use the companion app to save. I have to use my mouse and selected no club.

Is it a great hardship? No. Is it frustrating to lose a convenience? Yes! Especially if it doesn’t have to be that way.

Meanwhile, I can fill my race club with my activities. I don’t like it but …

Anyway, defending the bug (which it feels like you are doing that) seems unnecessary.

You should maybe read my comments from above to see what I think about the current state of affairs.

For example, there’s this comment I made: “I’m with you, it shouldn’t work the way it’s working for you. And it shouldn’t work the way it was working before :slight_smile: It should work the way everyone before was asking for it to work, lol.”

And this one: “Agreed, it shouldn’t work like that.”

And then this one: “It should do that–it should default to whatever option from the list you chose last.

If you think that my previous post that simply reminded people that the desired selection still can be made despite the bug is a defense of the bug existing–in the face of the things I have posted already–I guess I don’t know what else to say.

Edit to remove an unnecessary sentence to not sound so mean.

My apologies. I didn’t look for other comments from you. Just replied to the recent. Thanks for the support.

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Sorry as well if my last reply was a little salty. I completely get your frustration, it’s the same frustration I was feeling when they had the previous bad setting for this (defaulting to No Club no matter what). And so I’m also now frustrated that the ‘fix’ was just a different setting for the bug. Aarg.

It should remember your last selection and then default to that the next time you save a ride, but currently it doesn’t do that. It’s a known issue that Zwift is working on.


Following as it also annoys me that “no club” isn’t preserved.

Also, if there’s people who like the “last selected” setting and people (like me) who would like the default to be always “No club”, why not simply allow people to chose this as an option in the settings? Shouldn’t be too hard to program, hopefully.


As a follow-up for more data, in my own experience it actually is defaulting to the last club I selected, not just to the first one on my list. I have not tried to select ‘No Club’ yet, but maybe I’ll try that with a short throw-away ride today to see what happens.

The idea of a setting would be fine too, I just think that ‘last selected’ would cover all bases if it included ‘No Club’ among the selections that would be considered the last one. That way, if you never select a club, it stays on No Club for you. That’s the way it should work.

Nope still doesn’t default to the no club (last choise) when that one was selected in the previous ride.

Too bad for the club which I’m following……

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Are you saying that your rides are ending up posted to that club when you don’t want them to be?

It’s not like the default being messed up means you can’t switch it to No Club on your own. I completely agree that this should be fixed. But it’s a perfectly solvable problem in the meantime. ‘Too bad for the people I’m spamming with my workouts’ makes it sound like you have no agency.

Please try to change to no club on ATV with sweaty hands.

I’m already grateful that I’m able to save.

So yes, I’m not going to fiddle 5 minutes to change to “no club”