Cycplus S1 speed sensor reads 0mph

I’m now on my second model of speed sensor - a Cycplus S1. I’m using a Tacx Booster trainer and an Ant+ sensor with an extension cable. I have no issue connecting the sensor via Bluetooth or Ant+ to my PC, but it always reads 0mph. I’ve tried everything I’ve found online (turn off Bluetooth on all other devices, replace battery in speed sensor etc.) but nothing works. Please help!

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You need to unpair and forget the sensor on your windows PC. Only pair it in Zwift.

Have you confirmed it works outside?

Is it a magnet and a pickup design? If so are they close enough?

It’s a magnetless design; I haven’t tested it outside.

OK I can try that; how do I unpair it from my Windows PC?

OK so I managed to pair it with my PC. When the speed sensor is paired with the PC, in Zwift only the ANT+ option appears, which reads 0mph. When I remove it as a device from my PC Zwift won’t pick it up as a Bluetooth device until I restart Zwift. It then connects to Zwift via Bluetooth as both a speed and cadence sensor. I unpair it from the cadence sensor and it STILL reads 0mph when the wheel is spinning.

I also tried disconnecting the ANT+ dongle and just connecting via Bluetooth, but still to no avail.

You say it connects to zwift via Bluetooth as both cadence and speed. So that’s good right? Did it register speed? Why did you then unpair it?

Yeah it connects to Zwift as both cadence and speed via Bluetooth, but only speed (what I selected) via ANT+

I doesn’t register a speed; Zwift just says 0mph alll the time, even though the wheel, and the sensor, are spinning. I unpaired it because it wasn’t working and wanted to try and pair it again.

Did you change the switch inside the battery compartment to speed rather than cadence as that is what it is set to as standard?

I did, yes.

Toby , I am facing exact same problem with same sensor … did you find any solution finally to make it work. I continue to get 0 speed .

I did, yes; I bought a speed sensor from a reputable source!! The Cycplus Chinese ones don’t work. My Decathlon one works just fine.