Cyclist stopped


I have tried Zwift for the first time tonight and during my training, my cyclist and the interface were regularly stopped (5-6s exactly each time).

Is it due to my computer or to another issue ?



Can you post specs on your computer/device running Zwift and all the device connected to it (trainer, power meter or speed and cadence sensor) and how they are connected (Ant+ or Bluetooth).

More info is needed to assist you.

I use a Elite Turbo Muin Smart b+, and I connect in Bluetooth through your application.

My computer is an Asus with a processor : intel core i5 2.2GHz

I don’t have an application (I don’t work for Zwift).

With that limited info I would have to say something is interfering with your Bluetooth signal.

I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension, this will simplify the connection of your trainer to Zwift and you will far few dropouts. Using the ZML to bridge BLE is a little unreliable. 

Ok thanks for the info !

i would also suggest that you put your log file in that will show you if you have dropouts or network issues. 


In addition to the good advice given here, I’d also suggest trying Zwift a few more times to get a ‘feel’ for what may be a computer issue or a Zwift/Internet connection problem.

Today my Avatar took upon itself, on the way up Fox Hill, to slow to a stop and put down one foot then proceed to ‘take in’ the scenery. All this while I was pumping out 400 watts a good matching w/kg reading and 80 rotations on the crank!

Once my Avatar had done with the scenery it proceeded to continue, I’m sure I noticed it give me the single digit sign of discontent too.

But I still got me a PR- Avatar thought it could get one over on me - Ha!

Ride On!

When my avatar does this, it usually is a sign that the battery in my sensor is getting weak.

Replacement and restart usually works fine.

Replacing the battery without the restart usually  causes the cadence to malfunction until I restart.

Ok thanks for the info all. 

Tim, sometimes, it is working well during 30min and suddenly no more data until I restart the software. Does it happen also to you ?