Cycleops Magnus won't pair

(Robert Pitts) #1

I have a Cycleops Magnus that was purchased in early 2017.  It worked fine until a couple of days ago when I plugged it in after moving it a few feet.  Now I get the red, flashing blue, or green LED after unplugging it and trying it again.  I can’t get it to turn solid blue or pair with my iPad.  

Has anyone had this issue or have any ideas?  Very frustrating.

(Steven D) #2

Hi Robert,

I found a PDF online that shows the CycleOps Smart Trainer LED combinations.

 Using that chart as a guide, I would suggest carefully observing the smart trainer’s pattern of behavior and you may be able to determine what the problem is, and how to resolve it. 

I would also recommend contacting CycleOps Supportfor further assistance with any hardware issues with your trainer.