Smart Trainers losing signal

(Mark Lurie (Cyclesnack)) #1

I have a Cycle Ops Magnus and today, during my ride, the bluetooth just dropped. The same happened for a cycling buddy of mine.

I had to turn off the power and turn it back on again. And then I had to recalibrate only every time I try that it fails. However, it seems to solve the problem.

What’s going on and why can’t I fully calibrate my trainer?

BTW, I am using a Mac computer.

(Pieter Jordaan) #2

Im having a similar problem on my IPAD recently. The trainer just disappears and doesn’t show again until I quit the race and re-select if from the main screen. The app just seems to forget the trainer.

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #3

I have a Wahoo KICKR 2018 with the same issues relating BLT
Only it happens when I’m in a group ride or workout.
Logs sent to support and they say they can see an issue with BLT but are unable to fix it at this stage.
They told me to wait for the next update

(Kenneth Berck (D)) #4

Happens on my Hammer as well. About 10-15 mins into the group ride it bluetooth will drop. Unplug, then plug back in the hammer and it will be fine for the rest of the ride usually. Bluetooth connects through the companion app on my android. I have tried ant+ directly to my desktop with much worse results…usually 10-20 drops, but those will almost always auto-recover.