Cycleops hammer direct drive H1

I am looking for feedback from theZwiftcommunities experience with the first cycleops hammer direct drive trainers consistency of connectivity to Zwift. I have heard that at least at the beginning there were a lot of connectivity drops. Has this been corrected? I have been offered to purchase a seldom used unit.

My friend has the original H1 and he has no complaints, he highly recommended I get one since they are very sturdy and I’m a big guy at 230 lbs. I bought the newer H2 and have no connectivity issues at all. I believe there are cosmetic differences between the H1 & H2, firmware updates are the same. You can look at the firmware changes on Saris site that will give you insight to all the improvement/changes to the Hammer. I hope you are getting a great deal on the H1, I saw a brand new 3rd generation H3 as low as $750 before Thanksgiving. Good Luck.

I’ve been using the H1 for two years (5k miles). I’ve had zero issues with it. The most recent firmware update fixed some small issues I noticed which weren’t horrible. REI has the H3 on sale for $750. If you get a much better deal, go for it. I see no reason to upgrade mine at this point. However, I have no clue what the life expectancy is.

Thank you

Used 12 times 400 bucks was price offered.

Price would have been great if a new H3 unit cost $999 list price. Seems fair now, new H3 is redesigned, runs much quieter than H1/H2 and will have a 2 year warranty for a piece of mind. Of the 3 units, the H2 & h3 have slightly better power accuracy, I honestly don’t think you will go wrong with a H1, H2 or H3, it’s your decision.

Thank you very much Miro for your time and input. It is helpful. H1 price does include the 11 gear wheel which that model doesn’t automatically come with but I will think about negotiating price down a bit.