Cycle ops hammer mart trainer

I come from mountain biking and figured I would start Zwift to get some miles in. I see a 200 dollar cycle ops hammer used and was wondering if this is a good option. I have seen many concerns regarding calibration troubles as well as some other troubles regarding wattage drops.

Should I buy this?
Thank you for your response

Depends on the model, I am very happy with my H3.

The hammer is built like a tank.

I’ve got a 6-7 year old original version of the Hammer and after 20k+ kms on it it’s about due for a belt replacement (which is easy enough to do) but other than that it works perfectly. Any initial concerns I had (wattage spikes) were fixed years ago with a firmware update.

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As much as I would like a new trainer my H3 is still working well.

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I can’t tell what model it is it just says Cycleops Hammer trainer

Sweet, thank you

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That’s the original version, the 2nd generation dropped the word Hammer and was simply called H2. I believe the only difference was firmware between the two. The H3 had some internal changes but nothing significant that I know of.

Well…that is bizarre…I went to and they are selling the H3. The H4 is the latest model. At you can get the H4 at $749 minus 15%. that is a reasonable deal and would take over the Hub any day.

Heck that is even better than ebay pricing for used H3s…you might do better local (craigslist, FB Marketplace, etc) but that price for H4 is decent.

I am looking at one that is on Facebook market place. So I doubt this is being actively sold on the website. The person I might be buying it off of sent me this link which I assume is the archive. None the less, would you recommend this?

I would ask which version. If MP test it and check for “clunks”. But in the end…for $200 should be decent deal.

I do not know what version has the yellow trim.

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So would you say it’s solid for 200 bucks used? Thanks for the responses

If it’s in good shape then yes. Mine has developed a knocking noise after riding it for 15+ minutes which is telling me it needs a new drive belt…they’re not expensive but something to consider. I’d ask about that and maybe have them take the cover off so you can see the internals and make sure they look in good shape (eg. not caked in dust).

He says it’s the hammer v1 and there is no drive belt, it’s geared

No I doubt that saris ever made a geared trainer.

I think he refers to the cassette for a bicycle with gears not a belt drive single speed.