Cycleops Hammer above 12% gradiants

Finished Tour of Watopia Stage 3 today and had trouble holding resistance in the beginning when gradients were consistently ~12%. Eventually I was just spinning the pedals without any resistance   

I noticed the indicator light on my hammer was flashing red. I unplugged the unit, repaired and recalibrated. After 3-5 minutes it seemed to be working ok. Is this a heat related issue? If so I’m dissapointed as I bought the hammer because it’s claim of 20% resistance capabilities.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix or solution to the problem. Sent a messsge to Cycleops, waiting to hear back.

Make sure you are running the latest firmware. The last update was meant to address this.

The 20% grade listed on a trainer is for a rider of X weight. If you weight more than X then the trainer wont be able to simulate the 20%.

I don’t know what X is but I would guess it is something like 65kg. :slight_smile:



I have the Hammer also. Don’t forget they suggest calibrate once a week after the trainer is warmed up. Also ditto on firmware update. I love mine its been working great.   I upgraded from a Magnus to the hammer.