CycleOps H2 noise level


I’m looking for Direct Drive trainer to replace mine wheel-on Bkool Smart Pro.

I live in Ukraine and it is almost impossible to get such trainers in local shops, so the only option for me is to buy units abroad.

Because of that I need a solid unit which has almost 0% of failure chance.

CycleOps H2 is on discount now and I can get it cheaper then Wahoo Kickr Core which has/had some issues.

According to reviews H2 is pretty solid, but has pretty much noticeable noise.

I’m planning to use it in my apartment and noise level is important to me.

Is there a big differences in noise level between CycleOps H2 and wheel-on trainer or in case of CycleOps H2 it is not?


I don’t know if you seen this review of the H2, it seem to be not very loud.

I have a H2 and it’s not loud, but has a low whining noise. I am not sure how that will transmit through walls and floor in an apartment. Honestly with my two fans on I cannot really hear it. Saris has now released a H3 model that is supposedly much quieter than the H2 and list price of a H3 is $999 ($200 less than H2).

It’s a shame his kickr broke in that video. I have a kickr core and my friend has an h2. In real life it’s very noticeable. Headphones are required on an h2 in my opinion, while I’m able to watch TV at a normal volume with my core. But your mileage may vary.

I saw it and couples of other videos. From what I saw I can say that it is vary from person to person and mic to mic with such kind of footage. I would like to know how H2 behave not in “caves”, but in smaller space.

@Miro_Kubinec , In my case I have some sort of budget and H3 is out of it. I can get H2 for the price a little bit bigger then Elite Suito which is also seems to be not reliable unit.

@tuxkilla , I use headphones with my current trainer. Since you have experience with both units could you tell if differense is dramatic? Also what is the difference if we compare it to wheel-on trainer?

I currently have a H2. It is definitely much more quiet than my old wheel on Tacx Vortex. My wife can watch TV in the same room (my pain cave is the lounge for now), with the volume turned up a bit.
I can’t say how much the sound travels though.

Reliability also seems fine, although I did recently replace the drive belt, as it does wear (over 100h of riding) and then makes a gravelly noise.

Sorry for your pain cave.

It would be hard to watch TV in the same room with my Bkool :smile:

So I assume it will be same giant leap from Bkool to CycleOps (Saris)

Looks like only thing which can happend with H2 is a belt issue.

Also found interesting video how to manage belt sound problem:

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