Experience Kickr Core

Hello there,

I am moving in a few months and need a new silent (as possible) smart trainer. My current Wheel On is way too loud. The Wahoo V5 is not available in Germany right now so my idea was to buy the Kickr Core.

Does anybody have experience with the Core espacially in an Apartment ? How is the Noise Level ?

I thank you all in advance :slight_smile: Stay Safe

I’m very happy with my Core, which replaced a Bkool wheel-on trainer. I cycle at the top of the house which is not ideal for noise but my wife says the noise is a lot less than before.

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Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I have a core as well, I use it in the basement however on a mat with cement floor underneath. It is virtually silent until I get into the harder gears and the fly wheel spins up super fast, then some vibration noise starts.

Your drivetrain and fan(s) will be louder than the Core. It’s a solid trainer - used for almost 18 months now and no issues whatsoever. If it matters to you, I would personally wait for the v5 in stock if you can if anything for the nicer legs and removal of any required calibration on the v5. But at the price point it’s at, the Core is great. Noise-wise I think they’re about the same since the guts or more/less the same between the v5 and the core (primarily just different legs). DCRainmaker.com has noise tests you could look at to verify if you want.

Thanks for all the replys :slight_smile: really helped me

I use the kickr core and my family can watch tv in the same room, with the tv volume only slightly higher than usual. I’m very satisfied with this trainer.

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