Campagnolo Free Hub on CycleOps Hammer?

I know this is not Zwift-specifc, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to post in this forum…

CycleOps tells me they don’t sell a specific Campy free hub for their Hammer trainer. You’d think somebody at CycleOps would have thought of that in pricing out an $1,100 trainer but I digress.

From the looks of it, the Shimano free hub that comes with the Hammer looks to be a standard 3 pawl. I can’t imagine CycleOps built a Hammer-only free hub. I’m guessing they grabbed something from an available parts bin. I also can’t imagine I’m the first guy riding Campy that bought one of these but I can’t find anything in any other forum that addresses this.

I’m using a Shimano 11 speed cassette and it works OK with my Record EPS but I’m getting some not-so-smooth shifting on a cog or two. I’d much rather use a Campy free hub and cassette to keep things proper. And yes, I’m a Campy snob. Has anyone figured out a compatible solution for using Campy with the CycleOps hammer? 

Hi Chris,

Wondering if you got this issue sorted out?  I have the same problem, although my 11-speed Ultegra cassette with the 11-speed Campy Record group is not working well at all.  Grinding the gears.  Do you think you can install a Campy free hub? CycleOps tells me no but I’m with you.  I can’t imagine they made a special hub for the Hammer.

I looked for a conversion cassette (Campy rings on a Shimano spline) but not having any luck there.



I have not. The freehub looks to be somewhat standard. I’ve been meaning to measure and ref the specs against others with my LBS but haven’t had the time. I’m going to make a point to take to my LBS shortly. I’ll try to get it figured out shortly.