Wahoo kicker and Campagnolo

Wahoo kickr and Campagnolo compatibly
Hi, I have the new wahoo kicker and my bike runs Campagnolo 10 speed…does anybody know where i can purchase the right hub replacement to suit Campagnolo. I have tried Wahoo and many online bike stores with no luck!!!

This thing?

Hi,I use Campag Super Record 11 speed on the Shimano cassette that comes with the Kickr18.Works really well.Just a bit noisy in the middle cogs but changes smoothly.Try it and see if you like it before buying the Campag free hub.

If the latest kickr doesn’t support changing the freehub, you could try use a 10 speed Shimano cassette. It is not perfect, a bit more noisy, but especially if you are doing more workouts than races and can limit which gears you use it is OK. I did it for quite a while, with a Cycle ops H2, before I got a new bike with 11 speed.
You could then also try using spacers from the campagnolo cassette, to try and get the shifting better

There are also 10sp cassettes with Campagnolo spacing for the Shimano freehub spline from Ambrosio and possibly others, but finding one seems to be a bit difficult. Using spacers from another cassette only works if the cogs are the exact same thickness, which to me seems rather unlikely.

For 11sp the differences in spacing are negligible, I’m using a cassette from Miche on my trainer with the stock freehub with my Campa drivetrain.

I am in same situation. contacted wahoo support some weeks ago the campa body will be available in june thety told me
I am using a shimano 10 speed cassette at the moment not perfect, but kind of works with some adjustments.