11/12Speed Campagnolo Smart trainer?

Anyone have experience or recommendations for any Campagnolo compatible wheel off smart trainers? 12 Speed specific would be great but it seems like campy kind of limits the options available out there.

The Saris H3 is a good trainer. On the website they state that the Shimano 11 speed has the same spacing as campy.

I am running a Wahoo Kickr with 11 speed Campy and it is fine. Not as sharp as with my wheel on the bike but acceptable. I just made sure that the cassette range is the same on both the wheel and the trainer.

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That’d be sweet if it’s possible to use campy on saris.

Contact them they are good people.

Just to follow up here I did end up contacting Saris support just to see what the official word is and

Thanks for reaching out to Saris about our trainers.
Unfortunately when it comes to Campagnolo we do not offer a freehub body that fits a Campy cassette. For the most part, Campy is not supported. There is one work around option for those that run Campy and that is going to be 11 speed only. 11 speed Campy can work with a Shimano Cassette on the trainer because it has the same spacing. This is the only way to get that to work. If you have anything different, there would be no support options.

It seems like its either TacX or Wahoo for full support :frowning:

Wahoo won’t give you “full support” unless you get a very old model (1st or 2nd generation - not sure when they stopped supplying Campagnolo replacement hubs). Like I said on my post above, with 11 speed you will be okay using a Shimano cassette. I know, it feels wrong but it works.

I Just got a Saris H3 yesterday for Zwift (it might have been the last one in the city!). I run Campy Super Record 11 speed and can confirm that it works fine with the 11 speed 11-25 cassette that comes with the bundle and is sold separately on the Saris website . As mentioned before the shifting is not as crisp as I am used to with my wheels and it has jumped a couple of gears a few times with hard upshifting under load (ie out of saddle). However overall it’s more than acceptable although truthfully I don’t haven’t anything to compare it to as this is my first smart trainer.

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