Zwift hub / Campagnolo

Hi forum,
I know its early days but has anyone yet fitted a Campy freehub yet?
Is it just a standard 17mm axle fitting?
Wanted to make sure before parting with money.

If you happen to be running 11 speed, Shimano and Campagnolo spacing are the same for 11 speed and you can use any Shimano compatible cassette with the original freehub (this is not the case for Campagnolo drivetrains that are not 11 speed).

Hi Forum,
I know its early days but has anyone yet fitted a Campy freehub to the new hub?

For 11-speed, I believe the cog spacing is the same between Campy and SRAM/Shimano so you can use any cassette. For other sizes…no idea.

Campy 8 speed and Shimano 7 speed use the same spacing, which can be useful for fixing up very old Campy bikes. The others (aside from 11 speed) all seem to be different enough that it’s hard to achieve good shifting with a durable adjustment. Sometimes it sort of works OK for a while but I’ve seen a lot of mix-and-match bikes and most don’t perform at a level of quality I would recommend.

Thanks for all the reply’s today, guys.
My Bianchi is equipped with a 9-speed cassette and have used it on previous trainers, they have all had 14mm dia axels. The hub has a 17mm axel and it is proving somewhat difficult to locate a suitable freehub that’s compatible.
Shame really because out of the box the hub looks to be a decent piece of kit and may have to be returned.

On the JetBlack website, they list the Campy freehub as “coming soon” and Zwift have told customers that it’s “coming zoon” so some day it will probably be available. If you only care about good shifting in a few gears, you might be able to adjust it to shift OK in say 3-4 gears you care about most. But it’s not going to be happy across the whole range. Something like a Kickr Core is probably a better choice for now.

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I am in the same position. Very ready to return it.