Campagnolo casette

My Campagnolo casette is not compatible with the zwifthub. When installed the range between the frame is to wide. When you force the frame into place the freewheel seezes up! Does anyone have this issue?

I’m pretty sure you’ll need a different freehub for a Campag cassette. Not sure that this is even available for the Zwift Hub.

I expect @Paul_Southworth will be along soon to give you latest information. You might wish to read the four relevant threads below. I think you may struggle at the moment to obtain a smooth running set up between your Campag cassette and Zwifthub.

You may wish to tell us exactly which Campag cassette you are using.

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On the trainer, are you using the cassette provided by Zwift or did you somehow find a Campagnolo freehub body for the trainer? (If so, people will be interested to know where you sourced it)

If the bike is 11 speed, there is a fair chance you may get OK shifting using the Shimano compatible cassette on the trainer. If it’s 9, 10, or 12 speed then the shifting will probably be pretty bad since the cog spacing is too different. If it’s 8 speed then you may be able to use a 7 speed Shimano cassette on the trainer since the spacing is similar. Shimano cassettes have even spacing between every cog, and Campagnolo 10-12 speed cassettes do not.

It sounds like the frame may be binding on the cassette lockring so another thing to check regarding frame fit would be whether you have the correct adapter installed on the trainer. The flat part of the adapter needs stick out beyond the cassette to prevent the frame from touching the lockring. This is unrelated to the question of whether your drivetrain is compatible with the cassette.

It might help if you can share pictures of the drive side of the trainer and how the bike fits on it. You need to see a little bit of space between the lockring and the frame.

I’m using the Shimano casette now. But it rattles a bit. I tried to adjust the derailleur but that’s the best I get out of it. I believe the Campagnolo bodyhub is too wide even as the cassette is too wide. I compared both casettes and the Shimano 11speed is obviously smaller. So to get rid of the rattling I need to change the chain aswell. (The chain could also be to wide, but I have no Shiman chain to compare it,)

Shimano chain might help, and it might give an acceptable result, but it will probably never be perfect. If you want perfect shifting you would need a different trainer. If you have a Campagnolo freehub body for the Hub and the QR adapter on the trainer is too short, you could add a washer on the outside of the adapter to get another millimeter, or have a machine shop fabricate a longer adapter (probably expensive unless you know someone). If I were using a Campagnolo equipped bike I would avoid the problem by getting a compatible trainer.

You might get better adjustment by putting the chain in the middle of your most used gear range and adjusting it to be aligned properly there. That might give better shifting in the gears you care about most.

I just bought the zwift hub. They should mention that it is not compatible with campagnolo and rip people off by saying that it is?!

Yes they should give correct compatibility info, but sadly it’s not very good. Did they actually tell you it would be compatible with Campagnolo? I don’t recall seeing anything about that in their sales literature. It is simply not possible to have a single cassette that works perfectly with all brands.

There are tutorials of changing casettes and mention a tutorial of swapping the bodyhub with a Campognolo body hub. But can’t find the tutorial. I send you link later.

Can not send links…so it stays a mystery! Is there any way that I can send my purchase back?

I’m planning on buying the wahoo…much more reliable so they say.

If you alter the link by inserting some extra spaces it will probably let you post it on the forum. I haven’t heard of them offering a Campagnolo freehub body yet. Did you get that from Zwift as well?

Zwift support are usually pretty good with customer service for the trainer. You should contact them directly. If you get stuck talking to their chat bot, just keep telling it that your problem isn’t resolved and at some point you should be able to open a support case.