I ordered a wrong casset

i have an old 8 speed 50mm campagnolo

i ended up with an 11 speed that wont work.

is there a way to change this out?

I assume you are talking about the Zwift Hub trainer? You will need to contact support via the Zwift.com website.

Which trainer? If it’s a Zwift Hub, there is no Campagnolo freehub available, and an 8 speed Shimano compatible cassette doesn’t match the spacing expected by your drivetrain. A 7 speed Shimano cassette is pretty close to Campagnolo 8 speed spacing and should work on a Zwift hub with an extra spacer.

Im not having any luck with them. Its a bot that keeps showing me youtube videos of how to install a casset on the Zwift Hub trainer. Im not able to talk to anyone.

Best news yet!!

Thank you

Just keep saying the video or answer didnt help, after a few “no” type answers you will get an option to email support.

Chatbots are the worst.

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