Is the 9-speed Cassette included with my Zwift Hub, identical to the 9 speed Shimano already on my bike?

I now have two Shimano 9-speed cassettes. The one that came with the bike and the one that came with the Zwift Hub.

I’m wondering if I can just take the back-wheel off of my bike and attach my bike to the Zwift Hub using the 9-speed cassette that came with the Zwift Hub? Will I have to do any alignments/adjustments or are both cassettes virtually the exact same as they are both Shimano and both 9-speed?

New to cycling, excuse me if this is an obvious answer.

As long as the big and little gears have the same number of teeth on both cassettes you’ll be fine

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Thanks you :slight_smile:

Even the spacing in between the cassette gears will be the same? I’m know nothing about cassettes lol

The spacing is different between the gears only if you have a different number of gears eg. 10spd or 11 spd. It’ll work even if you have a different number of teeth, the derailleur will accommodate that difference within reason. Enjoy your ride!


Thank you :slight_smile: @RC_Ivany

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Just counted, my bike Cassette is 11-36T, and the Zwift Hub Cassette is 11-28T, will this be an issue?

Can I use the Zwift Hub Cassette?

Yeah you should be fine, the derailleur will cope with that