Choose the right cassette

I am looking to buy a Zwift Hub but I need your help to choose the right cassette.
I have this bike : LIV AVAIL ADVANCED 3
Cassette : Shimano Tiagra, 10-speed, 11x34

Thanks for your help

The Hub with the 10 speed cassette should work. It’s a cheap off-brand Shimano-compatible cassette so it might work a little better if you just get another Shimano cassette just like the one on your wheel (probably CS-HG500), but it should be OK with the one Zwift offers.

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should be good to go. I don’t own a zwift hub, but I think when you order one it asks you what cassette you want it to come with, right? the 10 speed version should be compatible right out of the box if so. and i think they include the other spacers for different groupsets so if you ever move to 11spd etc in the future then it should just be a 2 minute job to swap them over