Zwift Bike Compatibility - Model Z004 10-Speed cassette

Hi all,

I am thinking in buying a Zwift Hub with a pre-installed 12 gear cassette. Will I be able to replace it by a 10 gear cassette as my bike only have 10 gears?


Yes. You will need to add a 1.8mm spacer behind the 10 speed cassette, which I think is included but if not you can get one from any bicycle retailer.


Hi @Alberto_Olivares, in addition to the information provided. For full details on how to install the cassette please review this article.

Also, if you plan to purchase the Zwift Hub directly from our Zwift Shop please, take into consideration that our Zwift equipment now comes with Zwift Cog (universal cassette) that replaces the gears on your bike and allows you to change gears electronically when Zwifting. For more details on this option please, have a look at our Virtual Shifting FAQ.

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