Order Zwift hub with an additonal cassette


I would like to get the Zwift Hub but I am not sure which cassette should I get. Currently I use my gravel bike with a Shimano GRX 2 x 11 speed, i.e. I would need to order the Zwift Hub with the 11-speed cassette.
However, in three months I will get a new bike with 2 x 12 Shimano Ultegra Di2, which means I would need the 12 speed cassette.

What would you do? Order with 12 speed and get a cheap 11 Shimano 11-speed cassette fpr the next three months or order with 11 speed cassette and get a 12 speed cassette later (but which one?).

Thanks for your opinions

The Zwift provided SunRace cassette is a cheap one and you’ll probably get better results with a Shimano cassette. In your situation I would order the Hub with the 11 speed cassette and buy a real Shimano 12 speed cassette to use with the new bike. It doesn’t have to be an Ultegra cassette - 105 (R7100) would be fine if you are happy with the available gearing on it. I would pick a cassette with the same gearing as you have on the rear wheel.

Thank you Paul for your opinion.

And the Shimano 12 speed cassette will fit later without any problems and no additonal equipment?

You will need a Hyperglide lockring tool and a chain whip to swap out the cassette, or take it to a bike shop. Using a torque wrench is recommended for installation but not required. A 12" adjustable wrench will also work. Depending on how tight the lockring is, it can require a lot of force to remove it.

:-o The whole set for half the price of just the chain whip from Park Tool!

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This is for clarification not just for you, but for people who google their way into this thread in the future.

Shimano’s MOUNTAIN 12 speed cassettes use a different freehub standard called Microspline. These cassettes will not fit the freehub on the Zwift Hub, which use a standard called Hyperglide, or HG.

Shimano manufactures their ROAD 12 speed with a Hyperglide spline standard, which will fit the Zwift Hub trainer.

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