Zwif Hub compatibility with mountain bike 1x12 speed

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I couldn’t find any clear answer online yet so I’m hoping this helps.

Short version:
Can I safely install the Shimano SLX M7100 10-45 12s cassette on my zwifthub and bike around Watopia without any shifting issues?

I want to buy the Canyon Grizl 8 that comes with aforementioned cassette in a 1by setup. Info on the zwifthub website is clear about how the regular 12speed cassette isn’t recommended (ofcourse), so I’m trying to find if I can order the same cassette online, and install it on my zwifthub. I found that it has a micro spline freewheel, which (according to a comment on reddit) maybe isn’t directly compatible. Can someone either confirm or disprove this information and give me a recommendation as to how this bike can be used on the zwifthub the best way?

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Microspline is not supported but any 12 speed Shimano road cassette should work. The SunRace (or whatever) cassette that comes with the Hub should work, though it’s not going to shift quite as nice as Shimano. In any case you may need to adjust the derailleur every time you switch from trainer to wheel. The problem is you will lose your highest gear (10 tooth cog) because Hyperglide only goes to 11 tooth, and your gearing is probably not very high to begin with (depending on chainring size) so you may spin out if you are a strong rider. If that happens you can either use virtual shifting (with the Zwift Play controllers) or use the QZ app ( which can provide virtual shifting on your phone.

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That’s an incredibly fast and incredibly informative response. Thank you very much, Paul!

Hello @Jelle_Desmet welcome to Zwift forums.

You might consider the Hub One trainer that has a single cog and uses virtual shifting. Then the need to fit a Microspline cassette onto the trainer becomes moot.

One thing though - some models of Canyon frames are designed in a way that the rear dropouts have very little clearance against smart trainers (not just the Zwift Hub trainer). You may want to read through this article on Canyon’s site and be aware of this frame clearance issue.

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Thanks Shuji, good recommendation!!

Just keep in mind that virtual shifting only works with Zwift, and it depends on the reliability of the Bluetooth shifter. In any other app it does nothing, though ERG mode is still available in other apps which reduces the need for shifting.

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Can i use the Zwift Play to virtual shift in the QZ app?