Zwift Hub cassette

Hi all. is the zwift hub 11 speed cassette (11 - 28) compatible with my ultegra di2 11 speed (11 - 32) ? thanks

Yes it should work fine. Derailleur adjustment is often needed.

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thanks Paul, here i paste the answer of the support:

The Ultegra di2 11 speed cassette is not directly compatible with the cassette that comes with the Zwift HUB, though you may be able to make some derailleur adjustments to make it work. Our best suggestion to make it work is to pick up another matching cassette and mount that instead of the provided 11 speed, that way you can easily transition your bike back and forth when needed.

for me it’s not a problem make some adjustments, while it’ll be noisy buy a new cassette and change it.
Hope this works!

Weird. That answer makes no sense to me, but I don’t think Zwift support is a good source for technical support of bicycles. I wonder exactly what they think their cassette is compatible with. They’ve been shipping Sun Race and I think also Microshift cassettes which are intended to replace the Shimano Hyperglide cassette. A real Shimano cassette usually shifts better than these super cheap knock-offs but they should be compatible.

@shooj what do you think of the advice from support given above? 11 speed cassette on the hub compatible with Shimano yea or nay?

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thanks Paul for your interest.
I did a very huge research on the net and i found some users in my same situation. As you said, they do not have any problems.
(sorry for my english)

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