Kickr Dedicated Bike

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I would appreciate some help!

I’ve picked up a second-hand kickr V5. I have an old Willier bike I want to use on it which has a 10 speed Campagnolo groupset. I’m looking to strip this bike back so it can become a dedicated trainer… never to see the road again. I was thinking of swapping parts out for Shimano 105, but I’m struggling to find what is the minimum I can get away with e.g. I know I don’t need brakes etc.

Is anyone able to help or provide guidance?

Much appreciated

Is there a reason why you want to replace the Campagnolo parts? It would be much cheaper to get a Campagnolo compatible freehub body for the Kickr ($70), and there are Campagnolo compatible cassettes for the Shimano HG freehub (harder to find, sometimes not-great quality). If the shifter is worn it can be overhauled (unlike Shimano).

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I’ve read mixed reviews of this solution, but suppose there is only one way to find out for sure!

Thanks for sending this over.

What did the bad reviews say? I have not personally used this freehub body, but it’s hard to imagine it would be much different from Wahoo’s HG freehub body.

Hi,I’m using Campag Super Record 11 speed on the cassette supplied with the Kickr.I didn’t have to adjust anything.Shifts beautifully.It’s worth trying it out before you spend money on the Campag FreeHub.

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11 speed cassettes are fairly interchangeable - close enough to work pretty good. But 10 speed Shimano and 10 speed Campagnolo cassettes are not nearly as close. It probably won’t work well.

I am guessing that you will need all of the parts except the brakes

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Almost unusable or just slight frustrations?

Some said about comparability issues. Could just be user error though!

Based off of what I read, I don’t think it will work

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Campagnolo 10 speed does not have even spacing between all of the cogs. Shimano 10 speed does. The distance from the small to large cog on the Campagnolo cassette is 1.6mm greater than Shimano. For these reasons, you’re not going to get good shifting across the entire range with the wrong cassette. With careful adjustment you may get a portion of the cassette shifting OK. Given that you have a manufacturer-supported solution that isn’t very costly (replace the freehub body) I would not buy a Shimano cassette for your Kickr. If you already own a Shimano 10 speed cassette, you could try it and decide for yourself. I don’t think you’ll like it. There is also more risk of the chain coming off the gear due to misalignment. If that happens when you are sprinting you may fall on the bike.

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Back to your original question, if you want to run a Shimano drivetrain, and your existing bike has two chainrings, you can shop for a 5-piece kit like this, plus handlebar tape. The one linked below comes with cables and housing - be sure to check for that. If you have a triple crank, you would need to replace the crankset and bottom bracket as well.

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