Current/new issues with Zwift 1.31.x (November 2022)

This thread. An old problem getting worse perhaps?

Already two months old. :roll_eyes:

Teleportation improvements are being worked on currently.

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Thanks, that was in reply to Paul’s comment about iOS 16.

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Not new but late joining events still seems pretty random where you get placed.

I’ve been left at the pen seen others dumped near the sweep.

Not sure if that is part of the teleportation improvements i assume

Share to club not remembering last setting. If you selected No Club on a previous ride, it would select {a} club.

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Also teleportation

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Thanks, added.

But yeah, quite the dumpster fire.

I’d drop the “if no club selected” part. It should remember your last choice but if you do share to a specific club it won’t remember that selection for next time, it reverts back to the first club in the list.


Updated. Either way it’s not working properly.

Dunno why I’ve even done this list anyway.

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I realise it’s a holiday in the US today, but it’s a little surprising that we’ve had no fixes for these new issues in the two weeks that this release has been out.

Game crashes when taking screenshots via game app
Fixed in 1.32

Game crashes when taking too many screenshots
Fixed in 1.32

Unusable audio on multiple worlds
Fixed in 1.32

Audio volume sliders do not work
Fixed in 1.32

Camera 1/2 issues after joining PP/event/other Zwifter (persists through entire session)
Fixed in 1.32

Erratic joining behaviour, avatar flying off route
Teleportation in progress

Minimap issues relating to Urukazi
Defect logged - being investigated

Link to Training Peaks broken
Fixed in 1.31.1

Training plan progress lost
Fixed in 1.31.1 (If Zwifter re-enroled before patch progress was lost)

Share to last selected club not working correctly
Being worked on


Thanks. A little bit of communication goes a long way, it shouldn’t be up to mugs like me to summarise stuff. Once again I question the testing, because this is a long list of fairly big issues to release to the public in one go, and take a month to resolve.


Feedback noted.


People often complain about the slow progress on new feature work on Zwift, but there are a lot of regressions and new issues that can slip through the cracks particularly with the broad device/OS support matrix Zwift has. Fixes to these issues might also create more issues etc.

It’s good to see Zwift is on top of a lot of these, but it does seem the codebase is a bit fragile unfortunately. Personally - I’ve been lucky, these haven’t affected me, the only issue I had in the last release was the companion app entrypoint to makuri island is broken and cannot be selected on my iPhone (mentioned in another thread). No point in fixing that now because the event is almost over, but it spent the whole event as a dead entrypoint on my iPhone.

Railroad sprint in Neokyo broken

Companion app issue with the new triangle caution :warning: sign indicating CE or equipment restrictions. Not related to the game update… but still an issue.

Thank you for putting this issue on the list. Just so you know, i did another test. I set club to another club besides ZZRC or no club. It stayed selected. I hope it helps you track the code logic.

Hopefully it fixes a few things…

I’d add - hopefully it doesn’t break too many other things