Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers

I feel you… I’ve heard bad stories about Elite’s service response, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. How did you contact Elite? I submitted my email through the My Elite app and they got back to me within 3 days. Zwift was more like a copy and pasted response…

I have had a few responses from Elite, but mostly not enlightening.

Zwift escalated my questions by two levels, in the end I got referred to this thread, that’s about it. Not an unpleasant interaction with the Zwift staff, but again no useful information or ways to resolve.

Folks… he asked us to “please submit a support inquiry”… not to post a reply!!!

Submit a Support Inquiry if you want to get these issues resolved… and be sure to reference a link to this Forum topic in the Support ticket!!!

I do a support inquiry now,and I reference this link,ihope solve this issues…

@Dave_Severn_FL_Cat_C: I have been through endless communications with support, up to level 3, who were all unable to help. They finally referred me here.

Update: I tried tonight to set the wheel circumference to 2076. However, it doesn’t shop as such in MyETraining: the app (both on Android and on Windows) keeps showing 173. I also didn’t get any improvements in the behavior of the trainer with Zwift. Still have to use Zwift without connecting the trainer and setting it to constant resistance using my Wahoo Elemnt, which works.

On elite direto review , DCrainmaker on comments section write .“Zwift doesn’t implement ERG mode in the same manner that almost every app does. Most apps implement ERG mode in a strict sense: App tells trainer to hold 350w, and trainer holds 350w, almost spot-on”.

I’m not sure if this helps the Elite Zwifters using Ant+, but I don’t recall having any issues by pairing the Direto as an Elite Real Trainer (can’t recall the exact choice name) for Power and Cadence and an Elite FE-C Trainer as the Controllable Trainer. They might try this pairing setup.

I don’t recall updating the firmware on my Direto except when I bought it in September 2017, but sometime since last summer there has been a tendency for Zwift to automatically pairing the Controllable Trainer as an Elite Real Trainer and I often have to re-pair it as the FE-C Trainer; otherwise, I’ve had similar problems described in this thread.

How did you update the firmware on your Direto? I had a look aroudn and couldn’t find any info on firmware updates.

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I think it’s done with the Elite phone apps which you can download through the Apple Store or Google Play sites.

I use Zwift on Win 10 in the house and game stream it to a Nvidia Shield TV in my pain cave. Sensors all connect via the iPhone Zwift companion app.

I ride almost daily and other than an occasional companion app drop (once per month maybe), I haven’t had any issues with the direto. I have power smoothing set to 6 via the Elite app and only do a spin down occasionally. Make sure you force close the Elite app when you’re done and pull the power plug on the Direto for 30 seconds before you connect back to Zwift.

I have had issues with it in the past on Sufferfest when doing steady 300 ish watt efforts - resistance fluctuations every few seconds, like its hunting for the proper resistance. What mostly solved that issue was using a lower gear so the hub spins slower (little ring front, 20t on the back). It seems the way the direto firmware is setup it just doesn’t do well at high hub speeds.

Ride on!

I just had this happen mid-ride do you know what the fix is?

Hi there, here another one with that boring issue,
i’m Direto’s owner by 4 days, before and after calibrating it with the Elite’s app, the Direto 2019 is even with the power too much floating! I went form an Elite Rampa (with a power estimate) calibrated with a Stages Power Meter and it was really spot-on with Zwift, absolute stable!! I made the upgrade to Direto 2019 only because i got a problem in dicember to the Rampa’s electronic mother board.
So, how to solve that bug?? With Elite MyTraining it’s ALL Ok! The bug is only with Zwift! I can’t complete a serious workout at moment, i tried other solutions like to use a shorter usb cable, but that’s not the point unfortunately.

Which is the last Direto’s firmware?

I don’t think they’ve ever released one.

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So this tip could help us?

Unfortunately that shouldn’t have anything to do with the operation of the trainer, unless it previously put out some ridiculous high numbers on one of your rides.

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My take about the issue:
Firstly I must state that I am on Zwift only for approx 2 weeks so I have no idea about the behaviour of the trainer/software before this time.
I am using BT connection for HR belt, trainer power/cadence and ocassionally for the Favero Assioma power meter, and also for the trainer control.
I am using built-in power meter of the trainer (2019 version of Direto, calibration checked and it is OK).
In general, there is a lack of responsibility in erg mode. If following interval is in next higher zone, it is possible to adjust my power output by higher cadence or higher gear. But if it is 2+ zones above it is not enough. Especially in the case of short intervals, I am unable to get the power as needed and interval fails. In the course of longer intervals, the resistance eventually sets up. But from my yesterday’s experience, even 3 mins are not enough!
When the higher resistance/wattage interval ends up, the resistance is not released. The only way to adjust the power output is using lower gear. It is possible only when the desired wattage is not very lower than previous - i.e. when there is a change of 1 power zone or less than, let’s say, 30-40 W. Otherwise, a change of cadence is needed also but it leads immediately to the spiral of death (in this case is the reaction of otherwise nonresponsive software pretty quick). The only way how to deal with this is spin up using VERY high power output and then, sometimes, the resistance is released. There can be several waves of the spiral of death. Interval is ruined again.
And it is not Direto’s fault. In myETraining application, the changes are pretty consistent and predictable.
What I noticed, during the intervals in Zwift I hardly heard any sounds of stepper. In Elite’s software, I hear the stepper action every time it is needed almost instantly.

I will test the issue in ANT+ FE-C mode eventually, but at the moment I haven’t ANT+ stick.

Hey, I had a similar problem with no resistance or let’s say very inconsistent.
Use iPad and BT, Direto Wattage is calibrated and spot on with my Assioma Wattage pedals, no difference. But, the problem was resistance when I was climbing or going downhill in Zwift - no change… So, yesterday I plugged out the electric power for about 30 seconds and then I turned on again, since the everything is fine. I feel all the climbing and downhill in Zwift again.
Maybe it’s necessary to make a restart of Direto, when you use theMyEliteApp or calibrate the trainer.
I don’t know, if it’s of any help, but since that I am happy Zwift User again, let’s see for how long.

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Thanks for your tip.
It may be useful even to set the Power Smoothing

at 10 on the MyEtraining app.
Or, at least, should u give a try to that value.

I’ve been having issues with the power resistance hunting in ERG mode while doing a workout. Power seems to fluctuate up to +/- 50W while holding a constant cadence.

After reading through this thread I’ve adjusted my power smoothing to 6 from 2, have unplugged and replugged the Directo’s power cord, and unpaired/paired the Directo in Zwift. I don’t know if this is new after the latest Zwift update but I don’t have a choice between Elite Real and Elite FE-C. Only Elite.

My setup is Apple TV 4K, iOS companion app, and Wahoo Tickr HR. All connected via Bluetooth.

I haven’t tested this yet, but just wondering if anyone else has noticed only 1 choice for the trainer vs the previous 2 choices? (It’s been a couple months since I initially setup my Directo with Zwift but I think it had 2 choices at the time.)