Credit for elevation climbed?

Hi folks. Small question, I just noticed at the end of today’s scheduled workout (have been sticking to 2 a week since the start of the year) that I’m 30 metres short of the goal needed for March’s climbing challenge… so, as I’m not “scheduled” to do another workout until after the April 1 deadline, I hopped back onto a random route for a bit, climbed 35m, exited the route and… no change in what I’d logged!

What do I need to do to get credit for adding to the elevation goal? Is there some rule/requirement for the challenge/badge that I missed?

Thanks for any help!

If the ride was less than 2km then it’s not saved. Might that be what happened?

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Ah, I didn’t know that! Will try again with a >2km ride and see if that works. I just expected a notification about completing the challenge as I hit the milestone, didn’t know that might not happen if it’s within the first 2km. Thanks for the reply!

Welcome to Forums @Dave_O_Saurus. I’m Juan from Zwift. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Without a doubt, getting the remaining meters to fulfill the March mission is really important for you. I went toward your account and noticed that your last activity was Zwift - Strength + Power in London. You have reached 97% of the mission. Awesome!

However, there is another activity in your logs without data. A few reasons could cause your activity not to be uploaded. Considering that you were able to complete Zwift - Strength + Power in London with no issue, I’d say that your setup is not the reason.

Perhaps, as Paul mentioned (confirmed by you), the activity you performed is too short to upload. All runs must be 2.0 km (1.6 miles) or longer, this is to prevent shorter activities from clogging up activity sources.

I encourage you to take another ride to get the badge. You are very close to achieving it! Additionally, I would like to share with you our support article to learn more about what situations your activity could not be loaded. Ride On!

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Hi Juan, I just tried a 2.2km ride and got the credit for the elevation climbed. Thank you for the help, both!

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