Crash at login for Chinese language users [1.33.4] [March 2023]

電腦WIN10重新安裝&GTX1050TI 驅動重新安裝&ZWIFT重新安裝

中文用户请留意。您必须使用Paul建议的解决方案绕过问题(PC与MAC)。可是手提 Andriod与iOS用户必须从新安装软件之前把旧版本除掉。况且你也把器材的官方语言该为英文先。

Comments from people who tried it say that unfortunately editing prefs.xml didn’t work. Maybe it is saved on the Zwift servers (?)

Did it work for you?

UPDATE March 2
We just released Zwift version 1.33.4 build# is 1.0.108507 for PC and macOS, and build 1.08508 for Android.
Please update to fix this issue on Windows, Mac and Android

iOS / AppleTV users
Patches will follow as soon as possible. In the meantime, please use this workaround to load Zwift.
We will update this thread with updates.




me the same!
can’t log into Zwift and it is always CRASHING and i have tried 6-7 times.
Changed my iPhone language from Chinese to English and re-installed the app but still the same.

According to the recent message from @shooj they have not released a fix for iOS or Apple TV yet. It should work on macOS, Windows, or Android.

still not working bro。。。。

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你好,请问怎么更新了就登不上去啦¿iPhone 手机版,语言从中文转的英文。

Hey - Trying to find if when this is due to be released as a fix. I was expecting it to have happened on Monday.

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thanks for reaching out here James! Just deleted and re-downloaded the app to get on a ride and it worked for me these days cheers

恭喜~看到你的問題已經解決了!請趕緊上車訓練 :smile:

Not really solved (i am using my iPhone 14) as I have to delete and download every time i ride…
wondering if the maintenance this week would help cheers.

Probably not but the next game release might. I’m not sure why they haven’t released the fix for Apple devices already.

iPhone/iPad/Apple TV users look for 1.33.5 whenever Apple gets around to distributing it

You beat me to it @Paul_Southworth!

Please note that the fix for this issue is available for iOS and Apple TV users. Please update as soon as it is available in the Apple App Store.