Crash at login for Chinese language users [1.33.4] [March 2023]

The newest app will crash on connection interface.


我也遇到了同样的问题,今天更新APP后,PC与IPADOS都在登陆成功后闪退。而未更新APP的iPhone可以正常进入。 希望官方重视此问题


@shooj I think you may have issues with the game crashing for Chinese language users in 1.33.4

Other thread:

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1.33.4(108256) MacBook Air &iPhone Software automatic shutdown

a bit more detail would probably help.

Are you saying after the update both on your macbook air and iphone zwift shuts down randomly?

At what point does it close. Start up, menu screen, while riding etc?

After executing the last update, when the let’s go button is clicked, it goes into loading, waits a moment, and the app crashes and exits.

This is app crash log.

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Several of these crashes reported on the forum seem like they may be users with Chinese language localization enabled. I wonder if there is a bug related to that.

Other thread: Crash at login for Chinese language users [1.33.4] [March 2023]

It looks like the same problem, but how can I change the language options without entering the game?

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You may be able to switch it by editing the prefs.xml file. On my Mac it’s Documents/Zwift/prefs.xml

This setting is for English:


PC/MAC can change PREFS.XML than ios or ipados? Watting for next updatting? @Paul_Southworth

PC and Mac users can change prefs.xml

On iOS/iPadOS you might be able to delete the app and reinstall it. I haven’t tried that.

When I deleted the Zwift folder and reinstalled the app, I still can’t access the game and there is no such profile in the Zwift folder, but I can access the game normally using a newly registered user.


I have modified this file, but the problem still

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me too, modified prefs.xml cannot fix this issue.

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I still think this is somehow related to localization but I’m not sure how to fix it other than waiting for an update from Zwift. The only other thing I can think of to try is changing localization for the operating system.

It seems clear they did not test launching the app as far as the pairing screen with all supported languages.

1. [20:02:07] ERROR LEVEL: [NOESIS] Language_ZH.xaml(5952): Invalid token.

<</sys:String> (extra <)

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oy this change could have been caught before it was even merged or packaged

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

原2023/02/28 可以進入並完成訓練
2023/03/02 ,並無法登入?

重新安裝軟件或是更新顯示卡驅動都是到RIDE ON 之後閃退


Thank you everyone for reporting this bug. We are working to correct this as soon as possible.

WORKAROUND In the meantime - please try this workaround if you use Zwift on an iOS / AppleTV / Android.

  1. In Android / iOS / Apple TV: change language preference in the bottom right from Chinese to a different language.
  2. Log in to Zwift and user a different language for now.

This workaround is not possible on PC / macOS. We ask for your patience while we work on a patch that fixes this issue for all OS platforms.


My computer is win10 Chinese operating system. I met the same problem, I saw in the log yesterday that the Chinese font caused the flash back, I changed the perfs.xml, but there was no effect, I changed the original English operating system, but there was no help, I sent the event log to your technical support by email. They asked me to reinstall runtime and windows update, and reinstall zwift, which didn’t work.

Please solve this problem as soon as possible. Ironically, the monthly fee was just deducted on March 1st, so it cannot be used on that day. This is so ironic!