Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

I love to see, that over the last two years some things the people wanted got fixed and changed. I just wanted to say that.

UPDATE March 1
Please note today’s 1.33.4 release is a minor patch that contains assets for the Tour of Watopia, which starts March 6. Please update Zwift before taking part in the Tour.


Erg mode not working after 1.33.4 update…

1.33.4 MacBook air & iPhone Software automatic shutdown

Zwift crash while logging, after updated to 1.33.4
Can anyone help to solve this problem?

likely related to this Crash at login for Chinese language users [1.33.4] [March 2023]

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Thank you for your reply.

ERG did work for me :man_shrugging:

Towards the end, constant disconnects (mainly the wattage and sometimes the cadence.) during a workout after new update (PC 1.33.4 & Companion Android 3.44.1). Almost impossible to complete the workout in a meaningful way. Before I had no problems at all.

Quite a few people seem to be having issues with this again at the moment.

Last time they just stopped by themselves

Lots of dropouts of pace today from my Garmin watch to Zwift using Virtual Run, following the latest update installed today. HRM and cadence connections remained solid, but pace dropped out and back in repeatedly without input from me.

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Sorry - i had thought they meant connection disconnected messages (wifi/internet)

“Connection failure” message can relate to WiFi/internet or to individual sensors.

My HRM and cadence sensors use ANT+ and were rock solid. My watch, which sends pace data, is connected via Bluetooth. This is on a Windows 10 laptop.

The Bluetooth connection appears to remain intact (when checked on the pairing screen) but there is no pace data being received.

Ignore the km splits. They are all nonsense because my avatar kept stopping. You can see my cadence and HR, but no pace. Also the connection failure message.

I ran 10km but Zwift only counted 6km. That’s how bad the dropouts were.

no, connection failure is just sensors - connection disconnected is wifi/network issues and goes right across the top of the screen.

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OK, well my problem is a disconnected sensor. I’ve looked through the log and my pace is being sent continuously and logged by Zwift, but there is a message from Zwift that the speed sensor has timed out and speed has been set to zero, despite non zero pace/speed data immediately before and after the message.

There are 14 such messages scattered throughout my 90 minute activity.

This appears, at a guess, to be a Zwift bug.

EDIT : not sure how legible that screen print will be. Here’s a similar extract from another part of the log with the same message…

[10:09:00] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 1

[10:09:01] ANT : Foot Speed = 1.86m/s 6.68 kph 8:58

[10:09:02] Chat: 206128 (GroupEvent): Yes Ceri!!!

[10:09:02] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 2

[10:09:02] ANT : Foot Speed = 1.86m/s 6.69 kph 8:57

[10:09:03] [INFO] Auxiliary Controller attempting to connect to phone at: (secure)

[10:09:03] ANT : Foot Speed = 1.86m/s 6.71 kph 8:56

[10:09:04] Timeout on run speed data. Timing out and setting speed to 0

[10:09:04] ANT : Foot Speed = 1.86m/s 6.71 kph 8:56

[10:09:05] FPS 27.80, 101149, 14963, -234566

[10:09:05] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 1

[10:09:05] ANT : Foot Speed = 1.87m/s 6.72 kph 8:55

[10:09:05] [INFO] Auxiliary Controller failed to connect to socket: ‘No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.’ (10061)

[10:09:06] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 1

[10:09:06] ANT : Foot Speed = 1.86m/s 6.71 kph 8:56

I just did a workout in France on a TT, I don’t know if it used to but it wasn’t showing +xp when I completed a km or any xp power ups at the banners.

I got the xp but it just wasn’t showing up as I gained it.

during workouts the XPs are awarded at the end of each segment you complete and not based on distance. you get no power ups or bonus XPs through banners in workouts either.


Ahh, interesting. Thanks.

Oddly you do in running.

Makes sailing through the levels easy.

Really? That’s weird although consistency and zwift don’t often go together