Courses in reverse not working

Courses in reverse don’t seem to be working for me. Example. The other day I did the Ocean Lava Cliffside loop. After completing one loop I did a U turn, but instead of reverse, It took me on the Hilly loop.
And today I wanted to do Casse-Pattes in reverse (Roule Ma Poule) and instead of turning at the top of the hill, it wanted to take me all the way up the Ven-Top climb I ended up making all the turns manually. Is there any known issues? I’m on Apple TV.

If you do a U-turn, you’re no longer on the original route or any other route. It doesn’t put you onto the course in reverse. You’ll have to do manual turns unless it’s a route that you can specifically start as a named “Reverse” route from the usual routes screen.

I remember it doing the route in reverse…It even says it on the splash screen

But that message doesn’t imply that you’ll be automatically steered onto the course in reverse. It says you can ride in reverse. You can–you just have to make the turns yourself. (To clarify, it would be cool if each route had a ‘Reverse’ version that was a separate route. But most don’t. And many that do are Event Only.)

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I always thought ya just did the route in reverse.
Thanks for the reply’s.