U Turns

Can we please have u turns added to the courses which don’t currently support u turns.

You must be referring to Richmond, that has always been a major complaint of that course.

It did apply to Innsbruck too but I’ve not ridden that for a while so it may have changed.

I think Innsbruck had always have the option for u turns on the course.

Looking at the Zwift courses and routes article it seems there are many restrictions on riding in reverse, which I assume means no u turns.

@Robert_Harrison: What article do you refer to. I am only aware of Richmond that does not allow for U-turn and it hasn’t been on the calendar for some time now.

Comments regarding riding in reverse under the course headings in this article https://support.zwift.com/en_us/zwift-courses-and-routes-(cycling)-HkLGRkrQ

@Robert_Harrison: I would say all those course headings are incorrect as you can make a U-turn on all maps exept Richmond. What i think they refer to is having a timed section in reverse. But it has nothing to do with a U-Turn.