Tick Tock reverse is broken

If you choose the new Tick Tock route then flip a u-turn, it starts off right but goes wrong! I can’t show you the Strava ride because it needs to remain private (otherwise it’ll go on leaderboards) but here’s a screenshot to show you what happens.


I’m sorry, but when I click the image, I’m unable to see anything. Regardless, we appreciate you bringing this issue up, and if you could send in a support ticket, we’d be glad to further look into it.

Here’s me attempting to upload an image again…

Worked that time. I’ll let you take it from there.

When you do U-Turns in Zwift, it doesn’t put you on a reverse version on the route you’re on. It seems to me you’re expecting the route to be the same, just reverse, if you choose a route and then do a U-Turn.

Some routes have a reverse version you can choose, but other than that, you’d have to select the correct turns at intersections to ride a reverse version of that route.

I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

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Since when? Many times, I have started a route/course, did a U-turn and ended up doing the route/course in reverse w/out manually selecting a turn.

My experience is consistent with what @Lauren_Matusiak says above. Sometimes you get lucky, but usually not.

Yes, I understand that’s how it works on some routes. But is that how it SHOULD work?

MOST routes on Zwift work just fine in the reverse direction. I could send you a list from all my Zwift Insider route posts, but I’ve got too much to do this morning. :slight_smile:

In the past new routes have often been “broken” in the reverse direction, then Zwift fixes them soon afterward. That’s why I flagged this. There’s no reason why flipping a u-turn on Tick Tock should do anything other than take me on a reverse loop. It’s silly for it to do anything else. If I flip a u-turn on a route I should stay on that route, but go in the opposite direction… right?

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It seems like a reasonable assumption to make, that flipping a u-turn will automatically put you on the reverse of the originally chosen route, since there is no other way within the game to choose a different route once you start riding. (By “route” I mean a predefined sequence of turns without the need to manually choose them)

If this isn’t a thing, it should be.

I just took a look at the Zwift FAQ Zwift Worlds and Cycling Routes

It seems that the only routes with a predefined reverse option are Hilly, Flat, Mountain, Mountain 8, and 3 Sisters. My assumption then is that if you are on any other route, when you flip a u-turn you will either turn randomly or go straight at each junction until you intersect a predefined route, after which you will follow that route’s turns. @Lauren_Matusiak can you confirm?

Don’t volcano circuit and jungle circuit routes,for instance, both have reverse routes?

You’re right. An update of the FAQ is perhaps in order.