Route Bug

Whenever I’ve chosen a route for the past two weeks my avatar starts off doing u turn or head off in the wrong direction. I’ve reinstalled zwift.

This is super frustrating and a pain if I’m to attempt some unfinished routes

Hi Paul, please include more information so we can try to help.

Well, say I choose Tempus Fugit, I load in and once I start pedaling my avatar will simply perform a u turn and head up into the hills. This happens on all other routes as well. I’ve rebooted the computer, I’ve reinstalled the game fully by first removing it. This has been going on for almost 2 weeks now…

More information about your setup, especially about whatever device you are using to run the Zwift game.

Try starting a route without the Companion App running on any device (force close it) and see what happens.

Companion app has not been on at all for most of these, I run the game on a laptop with win 10 connected with ant+ to a kickr Core.

Did you delete the documents/zwift folder too before reinstalling? Sounds like you have a corrupted file or something?

Full reinstall and deleted files, still happening

Sticky/faulty keyboard pressing the down arrow? Double clicking where you shouldn’t be, causing a delayed response?

I’m simply clicking select route and don’t touch the keyboard while it’s loading, also checked the button and it only happens when loaded in never during the ride after

I just looked you up in the companion app and I see you are mostly doing workouts/training plans, but I also see that you are doing a variety of routes. I see one activity from Dec. 28th that looks like you made an immediate u-turn, hard to tell on the more recent rides you’ve done. Is this still a problem?

Does this happen if you don’t choose a workout too? Are you using the keyboard to navigate the workout/training plan menus? Sorry, but it seems like this is user error.

This is still a problem as it happened earlier today and it happens during both workouts and free rides. I’ve been gaming for 15 years, I know my way around a computer. I troubleshoot, fresh install(as in deleted all zwift related folders), checked the keys onthe keyboard. Frankly find it a bit offending chalking it up to a user error as I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what can cause this.

At the same time, though, you appear to be the only person experiencing (or at least talking about) this issue, so the user error option does seem reasonably likely. I think we are all baffled, though, as to what might be causing this. Any chance you could get a video of everything you are doing at the start of a ride? It just seems like there must be something going on here, like an inadvertent key press, to be causing this.

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but I said “sorry” so you can’t be offended :wink:

I like @Nigel_Tufnel’s video idea, show us exactly what is happening. It might help.