Course calendar in companion app

Having the course/world calendar in Companion app would be great. Then it would be easy to check which world is open when.

Agree. +1

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Quick Question, does knowing what world is open determine if you will ride or not?

Absolutely. For example, I won’t do Zwift if I need to put in a climbing day for training and Richmond is the only world on offer that day.

But seriously, why are you taking people to task for asking for something that they would like that isn’t necessarily something you’d like personally?

Why not open every World every day?
If you want to work on a World, you can gray that out.
Or do you work on every world every day, except the world which is on?

I did not say it is a bad idea, it could be helpful, I go to or if I want to see what world is running.

Not if I’ll ride or not but how I’ll plan my workout. I prefer to not use erg mode for my workouts so it’s nice to know if I’ll have 5min, 15min, 30min, etc. climbs to base my workouts on.

Quick answer: Yes! (At least to some point)

Yes - I do too :slight_smile: But makes more sense to me to have it the same app where you have events etc.

Agree +1

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Agree +1

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It doesn’t change if i ride or not but does change the type of ride i’ll do. I’m not keen on the course and routes for New York so I usually do a work out when that is on and i’ll ride sim mode for the rest.

Is this not basic information that should be available on CA,why do we have to search the web for that info,come on zwift!!

You don’t have to search the web for it, it is also on the start page.


Yes,but it would be so much easier if it was in the CA,i have to log in on my pc to wiew that info.