Syncing Zwift Course Calendar with Google Calendar

I think it would be a great feature to be able to sync the monthly world schedule to my google calendar. Am I the only one?

Hi @B_llMeLater

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Interesting idea. I have a question do you plan your rides depending on what world is available?

To some extent. There are some routes I just enjoy riding when available. As well as, worlds that I have yet to fully explore. For most of my rides, I set an approximate distance and amount of effort I want to ride that day. I find that some worlds, more than others, have routes that fit those distances with and efforts. So I find it helpful to know when each world is scheduled. I might be the only the one

Also, as the weather improves and my riding outdoors grows, I hate logging in only to see I missed some of the more challenging routes offered in the rotating worlds. Then having to wait over a week to get to ride them again. Being able to sync the course schedule to my calendar would make it easier to avoid missing those worlds. Plus planning future meet-ups for those routes would be much easier. Any one else feel the same way?

Hi @B_llMeLater, you can schedule a meetup on any world at any time, it doesn’t matter what is available that day.