Post course schedule further in advance

Its currently 7pm GMT on the last day of the month and there is STILL no course schedule available for the following month. Why can you not publish a course schedule on a rolling basis with at least the next four weeks showing on any given date?

Honestly I don’t understand why this is so difficult? For those of us that like to plan, the suggestion above makes great sense.

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Sorry but I don’t know why one needs to know what the next world is. It is not as if I won’t ride tomorrow just because I don’t know what world is active.

Worst case there is always Watopia.

But that’s just me.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try and see if there’s a reason for this.

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For me two reasons are collecting route badges and certain worlds make good training loops, eg. Innsbruck is great for 2x25min efforts (and yes I know there are workarounds like creating a private meetup).

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Personally, I think Gerrie’s question is valid. I do understand the people use Zwift in different ways but I, too, am a bit perplexed as to why this matters. You can’t change the course schedule, so what’s available is what’s available, even if you don’t know the schedule until the day-of. And your response just criticizes Gerrie without providing any sort of reason as to why it would be important to you to know the schedule earlier. If you could give some feedback on this it might make us all a bit wiser and help us to understand your POV.

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Nigel and Gerrie - you seem confused. The question here isn’t “would a forward schedule of guest worlds be useful”, that was a question asked by devs back several years ago and we can assume the answer was agreed to be “yes”… given that they produced one.

The question is therefore “given that a forward schedule of guest worlds has been agreed to be useful, why are we failing to deliver on that” - i.e. the user experience is inconsistent - sometimes you can see what worlds are coming up, and other days you cannot.

In terms of justifying why a feature that is in place should work properly… that’s kind of beside the point and there will be myriad reasons why people rely on that feature. As Claud points out - just because YOU don’t use the forward schedule, doesn’t mean nobody does. The feature has been agreed to be useful, has been put in place, but then is not being made available consistently for people that make use of it.

For reference, my own personal reason is to be able to arrange meetups, and to know that the world that I’m creating meetups in will not be “empty” due to not being on rotation. But regardless of whether you like that particular reason is beside the point - the point is the forward schedule of worlds is not working/is not a “forward schedule” as designed if it is notdisplaying “forwards”/future days. This is a basic “this feature is not functioning correctly” report, regardless of whether YOU personally make use of that feature. Hope that clarifies and makes sense, but really having to explain and justify this is kind of frustrating.


Sorry guys for not being very clear. I am sure I could have worded my comment a lot better.

I honestly just wanted to know why knowing the schedule in advance would be helpful. That would help me to find a solution/ workaround to help the user going forward.

You seem to think that everyone has all of the information available, which is clearly not the case. This is the first time I have ever heard that the developers actually asked if having the course calendar available ahead of time would be helpful. So, thanks for that tidbit. (You also seem to be making an assumption that the answer was ‘yes’, based on what you noted afterward, which may not actually be the case. It could have just been coincidental. Perhaps that’s not likely, but without a direct response from the developers on this topic, it’s still conjecture.)

Also, thanks for supplying some reasons that you want to see the calendar in advance. And I never said that I don’t like the feature, just that I don’t find it particularly useful, since I’m going to find a ride no matter which worlds are available on that date. That’s why I asked the question - trying to get some other perspectives so that I have a broader understanding. If you look at it the other way, you seem to be saying that because it’s important to you it should be important to everyone.

Thanks @Anti-wtrl I will take this as positive feedback and improve. :ride_on:

Sometimes the tone of the question determine the tone of the response.


Still valiantly labouring on and missing the point completely Nigel. So let me make this really, really simple for you:

  1. There is a feature in Zwift to present a course calendar as a “forward schedule”
  2. A “forward schedule” only works if it looks “forward”, i.e. is available ahead of dates it displays
  3. At certain times of the month (e.g. last day of month) the course calendar does not show upcoming dates.
  4. Therefore, the feature of the course calendar acting as a forward schedule does not work consistently at all times
  5. The feature is broken.

It really is that simple. Please simply move on, there is nothing to be gained by you continuing to disrupt this thread - this is a problem report for Zwift to look into (which they are doing - see above) and not something that needs further discussion

I will move this tread to a Feature request.

Guys, for a pretty simple feature request, this topic seems to be a touch on the heated side?

welcome to the internet, are you new here? :rofl:


Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ appreciate you trying to help… but this isn’t a feature request. This is a report of an existing feature (the course calendar) which is not working consistently, in that it fails to show upcoming courses on the last few days of the month. Its more akin to a bug report.

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From the images we’ve seen of the new home screen, it looks feasible that we won’t actually need a guest world schedule at all in future. But that’s just speculation on my part.

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