Zwift schedule in advance

is there any way to get a heads up on the zwift world map schedule more than a few days ahead (and only at the end of the month)? thanks

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. The Zwift calendar is available for the entire month, but the subsequent month’s calendar is not put out until near the end of the month. Are you saying that you would like them to put out the next month’s calendar earlier, or are you saying something else?

sorry I wasn’t very clear, I would like to know if the schedule is available at least a month in advance…even at the middle of the month. I guess I am asking for a rolling 30 or 60 day notice, not the “end of the month” as it is now

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Ah, I see. Probably something to submit a support ticket on, as the folks at Zwift don’t really seem to pay much attention to items posted on the Forum. Also, I doubt that even they know that far in advance what the schedule will look like. My guess is that with a few days to go in the month they all get together and throw darts at a board until the dates are full for the following month. :wink: