Guest World Calendar

Currently we don’t get to see the guest world calendar until the 1st of the month. Is it possible to maybe have the next month visible as well, it could be released on the 1st. So for example on the 1st of Dec, December and January calendars are visible. then on the 1st of Jan, February becomes visible?

I agree that it would nice to have the calendar out earlier than the 1st of the month. A whole month ahead. :woman_shrugging: Maybe a couple of weeks would work.


I definitely agree. This gives you the ability to at least plan ahead a little bit. Right now, I’m looking to plan a long ride in the weekend but the weekend includes the first day of the new month, hence I cannot plan it properly, might want to give London PRL a shot but will it even be available? I can’t see how publishing next month’s calendar a week early would cause much additional workload on Zwift’s end either.