Correct Trainer Setup

Hi All!

I am new to zwift and using a classic (“dumb”) trainer. I have a Blackburn Fluid trainer and selected the Blackburn Fluid Tech trainer as my trainer on zwift since the regular fluid trainer isn’t an option and I was assuming they were similar enough. I also tried out picking “Trainer Not Listed” but this nearly halved my output power. I am using Garmin Speed 2 and Cadence 2 sensors and just wanted to check that this is the right setup up.

I have to be around 4.0 w/kg with people going 2.5 w/kg to not get dropped on group rides and I was curious if this is normal or if I incorrectly set up my trainer.


Hi @Chloe_Coronado_Winn

That is not related to trainer setup. On flat roads lighter riders need to produce more power to stay with heavy riders. Also don’t use the TT bike in group rides It does not have the ability to draft.

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Do I have to switch out my bike physically or can I just change it in Zwift?


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Only your Zwift bike.